A begining…….

Welcome to my blog. I am a practising Chartered Building Surveyor here in the North West of England (Preston)

I hope over time to give the benefit of some of my experiences and advice on a whole range of matters relating to the built environment ( buildings and stuff) whether you are home  or business owner. We all need buildings to shelter us and house our activities. Occasionally we  need advice and guidance  whether its when we are thinking of buying or renting somewhere to live or carry on our business . Sometimes things go wrong with our buildings and we need to know what to do.

I have  spent over 30 years variously inspecting ,surveying ,probing and reporting on all types of buildings and giving advice. I have been there, seen it ,done it and got the t-shirt. I am aways learning and there are still surprises.

Some entries will be factual ,some anecdotal and some of passing interest and even vaguely amusing.

Surveying students may occasionally find the content useful and learn things text books or your lecturers will never tell you.

The ice is broken. I have jumped in. I think therefore I blog.


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