RICS_432What the blog is all about

The Practical Surveyor is an occasional log of experiences, ongoing work and things that interest the author Andy Jones . The blog owner asserts copyright for the contents of the blog.


This blog and its contents are provided for information purposes only and are not a substitute for professional advice.  You should not undertake any course of action as a result of the contents of this blog without taking professional advice from relevant legal and surveying specialists.


One-Line Bio

For expert advice on all building ,architectural design and survey matters call me 01772 748051

Areas of Expertise


Party Wall Matters

Building Survey Reports

Expert Witness

Consultant to  Trading Standards Bodies


Web-  Architecture and Surveying :www.jones-building-surveyors.co.uk

Email  for surveying matters:andyj@jones-building-surveyors.co.uk

Biography of author

Honours Graduate in Architecture

Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors(Building Surveying)

Fellow of the Association of Building Engineers

Recent add-ons:

Dipl Home Inspection- Home Inspector

ONCDEA -On-construction Domestic Energy Assessor

Dipl NDEA -Commercial Energy Assessor

Earlier acheivements of which I am proud ( tongue firmly in cheek)

Cycling Proficiency Badge

25 yards swimming Certificate

11 plus exam

Core Values

Life is short.

Life is good.

Do no harm.

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