definition :a testimonial or endorsement consists of a written or spoken statement, sometimes from a person figure, sometimes from a private citizen, extolling the virtue of some product or service


‘Not only were we most impressed and satisfied with the service, the owners of the property being surveyed commented on how impressed they were with the thoroughness and professionalism of the survey.’

Stuart Cullen Preston

‘Very impressed with the service.10/10 ‘

Louise Tilling ,Preston


‘Excellent service as always. Many thanks once again’

Peter Hine, Solicitor ,Preston

‘I could not have found anyone would would have given a better service and ease of understanding in all matters’

J & M Bradley Preston


‘A very efficient service and comprehensive report’

Barbara Burbridge, Manchester


‘Exceptional service’

Christine Williamson, Preston


‘We had been recommended to use your services ina average house purchase. You acted extremely prompt to help us out tremendously & enable us to purchase this property.You kept us informed throughout and everthing happened when you said it would. We cannot thankyou enough.’

Mrs Anne Walne ,Preston


‘A quick and efficient service provided within budget and timescale agreed. All in all an extremely satisfactory project’ 

(on preparation of multiple Ingoing Tenant’s Schedules of Condition)

Greg Turner Group Operations Director , Iotech Group Preston


‘Thoroughly impressed!’

Phil Norton ,Leyland


‘I wish all ‘professional’ people provided as good as service as you do’

Mauren Earle, Preston


‘Very impressed all round would gladly recommend you to family and friends. All aspects dealt with to a very high standard. Many thanks.

Marylin Ascroft, Preston


‘Very impressed compared withall previous surveys I have had  -more expensive but well worth it. The presentation was excellent.’

Peter Henry, Anglesey




3 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Not just a good surveyor, but meticulous in detail, and energetic in prompting dilatory advisors on the ‘other side’ into activity. Also, excellent in the finishing details. Well worthy of praise and recommendation. Thankyou.
    Norman Green. Kirkby Lonsdale


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